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I do not know what to write. Nothing seems appropriate. I sit in front of my computer teary-eyed wondering about what the next “right” step. A pandemic left people without jobs and I’m over here saying, “This is how you teach your dog to stay.” Perhaps not everyone’s priority at the moment. Now we are watching and feeling the sadness of the Black Lives Matter movement across the country. Telling you about my new favorite dog toy seems very inappropriate. Here I sit. Wanting to do more. Wanting to help the BIPOC community but not knowing how best to help. I get overwhelmed and I take a nap. My favorite coping strategy adopted by a lifetime of dealing with depression. Of course, I don’t think it is maladaptive when you get to mind meld with your dog.

Saul & Stephanie Dog Nap

Then I wake up and do it all over again. Social media is a bloody trap. Taking breaks has helped yet I want to stay informed. I struggle to find a healthy balance.

What I do know is I will be adding this sign in the studio. It is extremely important to me that humans who enter my space, home or office, know they are safe, respected, heard and nothing less will be tolerated.

You Are Safe Here - Equality in Business
You Are Always Safe Here #equalityinbusiness

I will leave my heart open to learning from this experience. I will continue to do better even if I do not know what that looks like yet. I will ask questions so I learn how I am contributing to the problem and how I can do better in the future. This I know for sure.

I also know I am human. You are human. I make mistakes. You make mistakes.

I look forward to a day when telling you how to stop your dog from jumping up excites me.   I will continue to make space online where people, ALL PEOPLE, can come and de-stress with dogs if only for a half hour at a time through my AT HOME training program. Dogs are blissfully unaware of the unrest happening now. They are blissfully unaware of your finances or why you have that thing covering your face. They are perfectly in the moment gazing up ready for the next kind word, belly rub, adventure or treat. They have a way of helping us through the worst of situations. Let them.

Be gentle with yourself as you navigate these uncertain times. This is not easy. Know you are not alone. Just look down (insert dog here) and reach out if you need a nonjudgmental human to unleash those feelings and thoughts. Email me at Stephanie@pawsitiveconnectiondogtraining.com or send me a private message on Facebook. Call me at 509-202-0587. I may not know the right thing to say, but I can listen and hold space for you. Sometimes we just need someone.

Be kind,


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