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Dog Puppy Success Story - Addy & Minnow

When I rescued Addy an American Staffordshire Terrier, I was afraid she would bite people. She was even worse with dogs. I always was nervous when friends would come to visit us or I need to take Addy to vet. Thank God, I found Stephanie- the dog whisper!

I started taking Addy to behavior classes and we passed the Canine Good Citizen Test 10 month later! Now, no worries if people to come to house, no stress at a vet clinic. I only hear how much Addy has changed and how well behaved she is.

I now take my new puppy Minnow to classes. She still very young and we have problems with recall. Two classes was enough to see progress!

Most important my girls love going to classes. When I say, “Girls, let’s go to Stephanie’s for training!” they get so excited, because classes are always fun for them and for me. 

– Rima, Addy and Minnow
Dog Training - Kiara & Peru

We were so excited to rescue Peru from the Spokane Humane Society but had no idea how to make him behave. Stephanie was extremely helpful in showing us exactly what we needed to do. He has grown into a beautiful dog for our family with continued obedience classes. We always look forward to our next training session. It has been fun for the kids and Peru. Thanks for all you've done to help us!

- Kiara and Peru
Dog Training Happy Testimonial

I’ve had Labrador Retrievers for most of 40 years and they are definitely part of our family.  When we got Daisy, our newest puppy, I wanted to be sure to do the right thing and train her appropriately because Daisy has a very energetic personality.  Stephanie Nilles at Pawsitive Connection was recommended to me by a friend.  It is really important to me that training Daisy is a good experience for both me and Daisy, and Stephanie’s philosophy of positive reinforcement training certainly fits my expectations.

We started Daisy with puppy class and are continuing with Pawsitive Connection for more obedience training.  Stephanie helps us as dog owners to learn how to get in tune with our dog’s psyche and build on our progress.  In her classes, there are many different breeds and sizes of dogs and Stephanie works hard to have them interact and bring out their best with the ultimate goal of having a well-socialized companion.  I also enjoy the low-stress atmosphere at each training session.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about taking Daisy to class is that she is so engaged, that it has been a great way for her to use her extra energy in a beneficial way.  Now, Daisy goes everywhere with us and loves to make the rounds in the sporting goods and home stores.  I plan on taking Daisy to some of Stephanie’s “fun” classes like agility as well.  I highly recommend Stephanie and Pawsitive Connection.

– Don and Daisy
Zeva - Dog Obedience Training Testimonial

I can’t say enough about Stephanie Hodges.  She has been a life saver for us.  We have a 20 month old Weimaraner named Zeva, who was reactive to strangers and other dogs.  I done obedience training with her at around 13 months old, but Zeva needed something a little extra.   I met Stephanie during obedience training and found out she also had a Weimaraner, so she understood the energy level that Zeva had and the temperament. 

Stephanie had substituted for the obedience trainer I was going to and I liked how she trained.  She was very energetic and was really in to helping the dogs and owners.  After obedience training I went to Stephanie for one on one training.  After spending 6 weeks with her, Zeva has done an about face.  We now can take her into stores, and my daughter can actually bring her dog to our house for play dates.  I know it will be an ongoing training with Zeva, but without Stephanie we would not be where we are today.  Stephanie clearly loves dogs and is passionate about helping their development and the owner’s development.  She is a very kind and generous person with a lot of knowledge. Thank you Stephanie for everything you have done for Zeva and our family.

- Donna and Zeva
Shelly - Dog Success Story

After years of well-behaved dogs in my home, I never thought I wouldn’t be able to control or train a new dog. And then Lace, a very intelligent, strong-willed Pitbull-Heeler puppy joined my family. Oh, how she humbled me. After 6 months of struggle and a definite losing battle, I surrendered and began my search for help. I wanted my quiet home back…I wanted to be able to invite people into my home once again!

Stephanie couldn’t have stepped into our lives at a better time. She clearly loves dogs and has an exuberance and passion for helping them become a wonderful part of your family. After our first meeting (without Lace!), she was able to give me an initial set of tools that began to instantly transform my thinking and my relationship with Lace, all before she had even been introduced to my excitable puppy. I had no idea how little I understood about the way a dog processes and thinks. Stephanie is wonderful at explaining their behavior and tendencies, making it easier to grasp the needed skills for both you and your dog to become successful.

Stephanie has a wonderful ability to help train multiple dogs, at different levels in the same setting. During a class of 4-6 dogs, she still finds one on one time with each team, making you and your dog feel valuable. Her wonderful, positive approach is so effective, rewarding, and extremely fun! When you are very frustrated and ready to scream, her persistent encouragement is so helpful.

She makes herself available to you outside of class, and quickly responds to emails, calls and texts. Four weeks into our basic training class, Stephanie came to my home to get a better understanding of our home struggles. She spent an hour of her own time providing me with even more effective strategies to teach Lace to control her excitement when we have visitors.

We still are learning today, but after 8 weeks of training, Lace is now on a fast track to becoming one of the most amazing, sweetest, WELL BEHAVED dogs I have ever had the privilege of owning. I am so grateful to Stephanie. She is an extremely valuable resource and Lace and I are so fortunate to have been able to start our journey with her. Whether you are working with a new puppy or an aggressive, reactive adult dog, I would highly recommend Stephanie as a trainer. You won’t be disappointed!

- Shelly

Happy Dog Owner

"My 10-month-old boxer Ollie ran into the street after a bird. After I calmed down to recall him he came back to me without hesitation and excitement. We have had fun in all her dog training classes and plan to continue taking more. The classes have taught me how to be a more knowledgeable and confident dog owner and taught Ollie how to look to me for guidance and trust me. She has so much fun in her classes which keeps her engaged. Stephanie is an amazing dog trainer and a good and kind-hearted human. We are so excited we found Stephanie at Pawsitive Connection. I hope you enjoy your experiences with her as much as we have."

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