Dog Lice signs, symptoms, & treatment

Ewww Dog Lice!

Nothing makes a person itch faster than talking about lice. I remember when I was teaching Kindergarten and noticed the top of a little girl’s head moving. She was infested with lice and it took everything I had to remain calm and comforting to this five-year-old. I itched the whole rest of the day and

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The things I can't teach your dog

What I Can’t Teach Your Dog

Dogs talk to each other all the time. They tell each other, “I have had enough,” or “Go ahead and throttle me, I like it.” We humans don’t always know how to translate dog talk. Most often we have no idea what is going on. We think dogs are just being dogs and doing dog

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Manuka Honey has healing benefits for dogs, especially Badger's wound.

Heal Your Dog with Manuka Honey

It wasn’t until recently that I heard of Manuka honey. Isn’t honey, honey? Apparently not. It was Badger, a rescue puppy, who taught me about Manuka honey. He was found at a homeless camp wandering around. Nobody would claim this nugget, nor would any rescue take him in, so naturally, being the sucker I am,

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Dog Adoption Essentials

Top 10 Dog Adoption Essentials

When we think of essentials, we usually think of the cutest collar, leash, and dog bed that matches our décor. Those things can wait! Let’s talk about how we can make adopting a dog as smooth as possible, none of which costs you much if anything. The first 5 Dog Adoption Essentials were mentioned in

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Common Myths About Canine Hydrotherapy

5 Myths About Canine Hydrotherapy

1. Hydrotherapy is ONLY for dogs rehabbing from an injury. This is not true, even a little bit. Yes, pups recovering from injury benefit greatly from warm water therapy. The warm water increases circulation, especially in the injured site, and the water allows for pain-free movement. However, recovering pups are not the only ones who

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Train Your Dog

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