Common Myths About Canine Hydrotherapy

5 Myths About Canine Hydrotherapy

1. Hydrotherapy is ONLY for dogs rehabbing from an injury. This is not true, even a little bit. Yes, pups recovering from injury benefit greatly from warm water therapy. The warm water increases circulation, especially in the injured site, and the water allows for pain-free movement. However, recovering pups are not the only ones who …

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AKC Community Canines - Spokane, WA

AKC Community Canines

Testing! Quiet Please! Recently, three of my students took the AKC Community Canine Test at Petco. This is the test that follows the AKC Canine Good Citizen. There is even another test further called the Urban Canine Test. I have said it before, and I will say it again, these tests are a great way …

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Should You Get 2 Puppies at one time - Bad Idea

Should You Get 2 Puppies?

Puppies are simply irresistible! Puppies and all babies are adorable, and that is how they ensure their acceptance and survival. If one puppy is great, isn’t a second puppy even better? I, for one, love having a multi-dog household. What I won’t do is have two puppies from the same litter, and I am a …

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Take a Hike with Your Dog

Take a Hike with Your Dog

Take a hike! No, really, take a hike and don’t forget your dog. Before you head out the door, consider these tips to make it a safe and enjoyable adventure for both of you. I have really gotten the hiking bug this year in my effort to be more present. I am trying to practice …

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What is Titer Testing?

Do You Know About Titer Testing?

Why is titer testing not well known? Vet clinics certainly do not advertise it. Do you know about titer testing? I was surprised how many people had never heard of this testing when I was talking about getting Annika titer tested. They would look at me and say, “You’re doing WHAT with Annika?” I am …

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Life Vests for Dogs Swimming: Do or Don't

Dog Life Vests: Do or Don’t

There is a big difference between being at the lake and being in my hydrotherapy pool. At the lake or on the river, I would say “HELL YES!” if someone asked if a dog should wear a life vest. It is a safety issue, period. I also think you should teach your dog to swim …

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