What is Titer Testing?

Do You Know About Titer Testing?

Why is titer testing not well known? Vet clinics certainly do not advertise it. Do you know about titer testing? I was surprised how many people had never heard of this testing when I was talking about getting Annika titer tested. They would look at me and say, “You’re doing WHAT with Annika?” I am

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Life Vests for Dogs Swimming: Do or Don't

Dog Life Vests: Do or Don’t

There is a big difference between being at the lake and being in my hydrotherapy pool. At the lake or on the river, I would say “HELL YES!” if someone asked if a dog should wear a life vest. It is a safety issue, period. I also think you should teach your dog to swim

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Whatsu What Treament - Canine Hydrotherapy Pool

Watsu? What?

This year has started off with the exciting opening of my canine hydrotherapy pool. I did all the building by myself with the help of my partner Warren. It all started about this same time last year. There were times I never thought I would get to the end, but here we are! As I

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Fluent Pet - What is Your Dog Actually Saying

What is Your Dog Actually Saying

What if your dog could actually tell you what they wanted instead of barking, barking, and barking? They CAN! The company Fluent Pet has designed buttons your dog can use to communicate like a human toddler can right before they develop verbal language. A toddler has wants and can easily express them through sign language

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Sweater Weather Dog Treat Recipe

Sweater Weather Dog Treats

Does your pup get bored with the treats you are bringing home? My dogs aren’t bored as all of them will eat most anything except for my bulldog Winston. That kid is as picky as they come. It amuses me to try new recipes to see if it’s a winner by Winston’s standards and I

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Christmas Card Dog Photoshoot - Stay Camera Ready

Christmas Card Ready

Every year around the time of the Christmas photoshoot, I have people say, “I wish I could do that but my dog could never sit and stay for a photo.” In reality, most dogs who come to me do not know how to sit and stay for a photo. That is what makes this a

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