Sweater Weather Dog Treat Recipe

Sweater Weather Dog Treats

Does your pup get bored with the treats you are bringing home? My dogs aren’t bored as all of them will eat most anything except for my bulldog Winston. That kid is as picky as they come. It amuses me to try new recipes to see if it’s a winner by Winston’s standards and I …

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Christmas Card Dog Photoshoot - Stay Camera Ready

Christmas Card Ready

Every year around the time of the Christmas photoshoot, I have people say, “I wish I could do that but my dog could never sit and stay for a photo.” In reality, most dogs who come to me do not know how to sit and stay for a photo. That is what makes this a …

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Tofu Adoption - Great Pyranees

Adopt Tofu – Great Pyranees

Well, he’s not a boxer, not even close but when MustLuvBoxers Rescue gets a plea for help, it’s hard saying no when you are looking at this face. Please meet Tofu!!!!! He is a yummy 11 week old Great Pyranees through and through. Did you know Great Pyranees dogs are believed to be introduced to …

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Stop Draggin' Me Around - Dog Training Video

Stop Draggin’ Me Around

It’s a great day to train your dog! Learn details about how to get your dog walking nicely on a leash. It’s good to use a higher value treat when training outdoors. Watch more in this video!

Avoiding Problems Buying Puppies

Do Your Homework

Raising a littler of puppies is no easy task if done correctly.  Anyone who has raised several litters at once or several in a year are NOT doing it correctly, period!  I know because I raised one litter and then another shortly thereafter.  Each time I swore I would never do it again. I even …

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Put a Leach on It - Dog Companions

Put a Leash On It

Great stories about the connection between a dog and their human companions abound, heartwarming and inspiring. There are also the stories that break our hearts and make us rage. Dogs found in dumpsters, dogs thrown out of cars, dogs having litter after litter in a puppy mill, dogs with no food, no shelter, no love. …

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Know for Sure - Dog

What I Know For Sure

I do not know what to write. Nothing seems appropriate. I sit in front of my computer teary-eyed wondering about what the next “right” step. A pandemic left people without jobs and I’m over here saying, “This is how you teach your dog to stay.” Perhaps not everyone’s priority at the moment. Now we are …

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Dog digging in the dirt

Diggin’ in the Dirt

Sure, this current pandemic may change how we do things but it doesn’t have to stop you from growing yummy things for both you and your dog. You can do it safely and easily. Growing up, my mom had a HUGE garden. She grew all sorts of things. It wasn’t that she just grew a …

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Keeping a Dog Down after Surgery

Keeping a Dog Down

Keeping a Dog Quiet After Surgery I often get asked what a person can do to keep their dog quiet after a spay, neuter or other surgery. I decided to do a blog post on this because I am also looking to prepare my dog, Bam, as he will eventually lose his ability to walk …

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