Dog DayCARE in Spokane

Why Choose Pawsitive Connection DayCARE?

  • Tired of overcrowded and unsafe dog daycares?

  • Does it seem like your pup learns bad habits when they go?

  • Is your pup bouncy, pulling on the leash or maybe barking at pick up time?

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to see your pup engaged in agility, nose work and obedience exercises such a loose leash walking or coming when called while at daycare?

  • How about performing a new trick?



All new dogs must come in for a trial before you can make an appointment to attend dayCARE. Call Stephanie now to schedule your 15-minute trial appointment!

Dog Daycare in Spokane with Small Class Sizes


Class sizes are at a max capacity of 15 pups. This reduces overstimulation and the spread of viruses. Engaging both your pup’s body and brain will make for a content and happy pup.

Free play at doggy daycare in Spokane. Both indoor & outdoor!


Your pup will engage in supervised indoor and outdoor play. The play yard is fully fenced with a jump guard and dig guard to prevent walkabouts. Each teacher is trained by a certified professional, positive dog trainer who is canine first aid certified.  

Nose Work for your dog at daycare in Spokane


Your pup will do what pups do best, SMELL! Your pup will work on locating scents like birch and alerting once the source is found! This activity is calming and engaging!

Equally as important, your pup will have a scheduled nap time, as this helps increase your pup’s memory, brain development, and learning capacity. The best choice for your pup provides structure, mental stimulation, physical stimulation, rest, and safety.

Your pup will look forward to coming back each time. Let’s face it, your pup is your child, and you want the absolute best when it comes to how your pup spends time when you are unable.

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We Put the CARE in DayCARE!

Most doggie daycares are crowded with little room for the dogs to move and little attention to the pup’s emotional wellbeing. In this DayCARE, we put the CARE in DayCARE! Each pup gets mental stimulation through use of their nose in the Sniff Tank and practicing obedience skills like stay and come. They also get to move their bodies through play with friends and exploring agility equipment for fun.

The average class size is 15 dogs in each classroom and each classroom has cushioned rubber flooring. The dogs have ample room to move, take a break or snooze on a crocheted blanket by Grandma Netty. Each day the pups nap to promote a healthy immune system.  They also get fresh air in the monitored outdoor play area. This DayCARE program, designed by a certified, positive reinforcement trainer, keeps the dogs at their best, without getting overtired or over stimulated. The pups go home content and happy!

Perfect for Dog's Whose Humans Work All Day

$65 / day

  • A MATTER OF MANNERS – Your pups will learn leave it, place, stay, come when called in a group, come when called individually, loose leash walking and no jumping to name a few.
  • TRICK OF THE MONTH – Your pup will learn the trick of the month such as roll over, shake, sit pretty, stick your head in, bow, take it and MANY MORE!
Doggy DayCare Resting

Best for Dogs Coming 4 hours or Less a Day

$38 / day

Monday - Friday & Saturday


Morning Drop Off: 7:00am - 9:00am
Afternoon Pick Up: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Evening Pick Up: 4:00pm - 6:00pm


Finn - Dog daycare testimonial

My dog Finn wasn’t doing well in his previous doggy daycare. It was too chaotic with too many dogs and when I noticed that his behavior started to change, I pulled him out and stopped going. Then Stephanie announced she had another option. Her dayCARE program is completely different than your typical doggy daycare. Small playgroups, defined learning, enrichment, and a structured schedule create an environment that is allowing Finn to thrive. She demonstrates a clear passion for providing nothing but the best experience for all dogs and she truly has their best interest at heart. Finn LOVES going to her dayCARE and I’m so thrilled she is providing this service.

– Melissa (Finn)
Ollie - Dog daycare testimonial

As soon as Stephanie announced she was going to open a dayCARE, I knew I would try to get Ollie in! He already knows her from all the training classes we took with her. She is for sure one of his favorite humans! Ollie is the sweetest, silliest, and quite a rambunctious boxer! We had taken him to a different doggy daycare, who ended up kicking him out because “he played too much.” My heart was broken for him. He has been THRIVING with Stephanie! He gets to PLAY, learn, and interact all in a way that I know and love; PAWsitive reinforcement, manners, thinking games, socialization in a safe environment, and so much more. I’m so grateful for everything Stephanie does. She truly cares about every single dog, and their humans, she interacts with. We are so lucky to have found her for training and now dayCARE!!

- Elissa (Ollie)
Otis - Dog daycare testimonial

Our dog Otis is a year old and has so much energy we didn’t even think it was possible. He loves to play but with our living space and work schedules there was no way we could give him the kind of play and attention he really needs. Sending him to dayCARE has been the best thing we have ever done for him and us! He gets all the play and training he needs when we are unable to provide it at home. Otis is by no means a perfect dog, but he is still welcomed with open arms by Stephanie, unlike other dog daycare centers we tried in the past. He absolutely loves dogs but has some stranger issues and Stephanie is willing to take him in and help him when he needs it. He comes home so happy to have spent time playing with other dogs and I can’t imagine leaving Otis with anyone else!

- Emily, Zane (Otis)
Jackson - Dog daycare testimonial

This daycare is such an asset to the canine community. Stephanie is a rare gem. She is so patient and kind when teaching and caring for dogs. My dog goes to her and he has a blast. He actually cries in the car when we leave. He loves to play and learn and that is exactly what happens there. These dogs have her attention all day long. She works with them on manners and boundaries, she always goes outside with them and never leaves them unattended. When you walk into the daycare it smells relaxing and clean. What really amazes me is the dogs are quiet and relaxed but yet playing. This isn’t always the case at some daycares. Here they are not put in a kennel to wait out their time or put outside to play unattended. Stephanie truly cares about your dog. I have never met anyone with a truer calling than her. This is her passion. This daycare is by far not the least expensive in Spokane but it is a true investment in your fur baby. Would you take your child to any daycare because of the cost? I doubt it, so why would you take your best friend anywhere but here? I encourage you to visit this place to see it firsthand. Your fur baby will give you extra kisses for it!!

- Susie (Jackson)
Geordi - Dog daycare testimonial

When we got our new puppy, Geordi, we knew we wanted to train him with the positive reinforcement methods that had helped our previous reactive dog. So, we enrolled in classes with Stephanie at Pawsitive Connection. Geordi is a bit timid and unmotivated, and we are busy professionals, but Stephanie expertly helped us through our training struggles.

We also wanted Geordi to have a place to socialize. But, we didn't feel the local doggy daycare options were a good fit. When Stephanie opened her DayCARE, we knew right away that her focus on training, nose work, and brain engagement would be perfect for our pup. Geordi has grown by leaps and bounds since he has been going to DayCARE! He is more motivated and confident. And, he comes home calm and tired in all the right ways.

I am constantly amazed by the relaxed environment Stephanie fosters at DayCARE. The dogs hang out, play, learn, use their brains, and even nap! Stephanie works with each dog to build skills and trust. We love her individualized focus on what each pup needs to be happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

- Sara, Jessica (Geordi)

DayCARE for Your Dog

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