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Dog trainers all often use different methods for training dogs.  Some are what dog trainers call “positive reinforcement”, which is very gentle and very effective for preventing and resolving unwanted behaviors.

We make sure we do three things for everyone: 1) your dog is trained in a way that will actually work! 2) your dog is trained in a way that’s not harsh at all, and 3) that YOU are taught everything you need to know to maintain your dog’s training.

If you want more details about how it all works, check out our “Training Techniques” page here.

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Puppy Prep Training Class

Puppy Prep

So you’re getting a puppy?! Or, you’re like most of us and you already brought one home…because…well…who can resist?? First, congratulations! Second, let’s get you ready for the “Three Awesomes”Awesome JoyAwesome Fun, and Awesome Responsibility. Whether you are a seasoned dog owner or this is your first pup, the Puppy Prep class is designed to get you started on (or reminded of!) the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you will need for a successful lifetime commitment to this new furry family member. We will be incorporate problem solving skills, obedience, socialization, play, handling, potty training and much, MUCH MORE! Sign up for this Puppy Prep class and lay the groundwork for that crucial Pawsitive Connection with your puppy. You will both be glad you did!

This class is for puppies 8-20 weeks of age.

5 Week Class - $205

Reactive Rover

Do you worry about encountering other dogs while out on a walk with your pup? Does your dog bark, lunge and/or growl at other dogs? Kids? Men in hats? Umbrellas? It’s Reactive Rover to the rescue! In this class, you’ll learn what sparks these reactions and how to help your dog associate such triggers with good things instead. Using force-free methods, we’ll work on various skills including mat work, settling, turn and go, look at that, find it, hand targeting and leave it. With these tools in your pocket, you AND your dog will enjoy your outdoor adventures so much more! Stop fretting about unwanted behaviors and walk with confidence again!

5 Week Class - $215

Reactive Rover Dog Training Class
Obedience Dog Training Classes

Obedience Classes

Obedience Levels 1, 2 & 3

Levels Training is the path to having your dog be a part of your adventures, BBQ’s and evening walks. Levels starts with building a foundation and builds so your pup can behave when guests enter the home or food is dropped on the floor. How about leash pulling? Yes, we work on that too! Levels curriculum combines skills to help with situations such as easy veterinary visits, curing door dashing and coming when called. All new Levels students start at Level 1. Class sessions are 5 weeks long, one hour each week. Imagine what you want to do with your dog, and you can achieve it in Levels!

5 Week Class - $185

Reliable Recall

Isn’t it frustrating when you call your dog and they act like you didn’t say a thing? Maybe you want an off leash dog? Having a reliable recall is one of the most important skills your dog needs when off leash. In Reliable Recall, we work on not only coming when called, but coming when called when squirrels, dogs, or other distractions are present. Learn fun games to play with your dog to burn excess energy and work on your recall all at the same time. Having a reliable recall keeps your dog safe and keeps you happy!

5 Week Class - $215

Reliable Recall Dog Training Class

Board and Train 4 weeks, plus 4 private sessions

Call for pricing. Visit our contact page, we would love to chat with you!

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Happy Dog & Owner

Dog Training Testimonials - Timber & Deb

"Highly recommend Stephanie@PawsitiveConnection for everything dog! We adopted a large floof ball of a dog that was fearful of what he didn’t know. We had been thru several trainers without establishing a connection with either myself or Timber. After we met Stephanie, everything transformed as she guided us both through an amazing transformation process using defined movements and positive reinforcements. She just “got” our Timber boy and provided what he needed to grow and thrive in training. More than once I got teary eyes when we asked Timber to do a task and he happily, with a wagging tail complied. Simply said, “Stephanie changed him.” I am very appreciative of the time she spent with us to make sure our goals were achieved. More importantly, our floof ball, Timber respects and trusts her."

~ Deb & Timber

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