Fluency: Not Just for Kindergarteners

Fluency for Dogs

Measure your dog's fluency for any skill just like I did when I was teaching five year olds to read or when my sister is learning to play the guitar. This is a good indication how well your dog knows each skill. One minute is all you need!

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This quick, measurable activity will let you know if your dog is fluent in the skill you are asking or not.  It only takes one minute to complete, but it will tell you a lot about your dog’s knowledge base. By knowing your dog’s fluency in a skill, it can help you set expectations about your pup in various situations. Gone are the days of “Ack! He/She knows this! He/She is just not listening!”

Does your pup REALLY know the skill FLUENTLY? Complete the test and find out!

Questions? I'm always here to help! Feel free to reach out anytime.

~ Stephanie

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