Adopt Tofu – Great Pyranees

Tofu Adoption - Great Pyranees

Well, he’s not a boxer, not even close but when MustLuvBoxers Rescue gets a plea for help, it’s hard saying no when you are looking at this face.

Please meet Tofu!!!!!

He is a yummy 11 week old Great Pyranees through and through. Did you know Great Pyranees dogs are believed to be introduced to the French side of the Pyranees Mountains by the Romans from Asia. They were also used to smuggle contraband between France and Spain. These dogs could go where people couldn't and who would suspect these fluffy puppies doing anything naughty like smuggling?

Tofu is so FLUFFY!!! It sure feels funny as I am used to single coated dogs in the house. This baby has coat after coat and then some making him good for snowy days. Did you know their coats are waterproof? That was news to me! On the plus side, Pyrs require very little grooming. No more than the average dog. Mind blowing with all that hair.

Tofu Fluffy Dog

It’s weird having this fluffy muchkin lazily walking around the house. That’s right, lazily. L.A.Z.I.L.Y. This boy, and all his kind, are not active like other puppies. This boy, I swear, has a discussion in his head whether the effort is worth it before ever making a move. Tofu came into rescue by way of, you guessed it, backyard breeder. In this case, it was so backyard, Tofu is inbred. A sister and brother got together and the moon met their eyes like a big pizza pie and out came Tofu and all his siblings. Here are Tofu's parents.

Tofu's Parents - Dogs

Tofu has double dew-claws on his rear feet which look weird, but I assure you it has nothing to do with his family history. It’s normal for the Prys to have double dew claws. They actually serve the purpose of gaining great traction hence the historic impassable routes between France to Spain. If you adopt him, most likely people will ask you and you can now say why they are there and inform them as to why they are not removed. Knowledge is power or ethical treatment towards animals, whatever.

If you are interested in this snow white, handsome pup, here are some things you need to know. They are often described as Zen like dogs. They are the epidemy of chill which is weird since they were raised to guard sheep from wolves and bears. I could see Tofu just watch it all happen but who knows, maybe his instinct will kick in as he gets older. Or not. He is not a huge eater. Food is ok. This is pretty common as well for the breed which is weird considering their size. He is like any puppy, so teething is a thing so he will need things appropriate to chew on. Going for walks. . .well how shall I say this. . . Is not like walking your average dog. As a matter of fact, I never and I mean NEVER say this but he is so lazy he may not even need a walk but maybe around the block to stretch his legs. If you are looking for a hiking buddy, I would say move along. Go check out one of the boxers up for adoption.

Tofu, would rather cuddle and chew on something if you hold it for him because he is that lazy. He has met a cat, didn’t know what it was, didn’t care, didn’t move. That was just too much effort. You will probably find him under your chair, under your table, under your feet, beside you in the bathroom, beside you in the shower, beside you, beside you or beside you. He LOVES people and children. Speaking of beside you, here he is most always. . . Under my chair as I am writing this.

Tofu Dog Under Chair - Adopt Today

If you are interested in this ball of fluff, you should also know he will probably get to be over 100 lbs. Maybe 125. Plan for large. You do not need a farm or acreage with this boy. He would be happy having an average sized yard. Jumping a fence would take entirely too much effort so a 4ft fence would be fine, but the rescue requires a 6 foot fence so only apply if you have one. He really loves being close to humans so I doubt he would enjoy being outside by himself even if his breed leans toward independence. He thinks together is better.

Currently he is being crate trained, learning to be by himself to ward off separation anxiety, learning to be with dogs, cats, chickens, goats and pigs. He is potty training. He is learning about leashes although he is never, ever far so I am re-enforcing this so hopefully you won’t need a leash. He is learning sharing is caring. He isn’t into toys a whole lot yet but that could change as could everything I have said about him. He will grow and change and blossom and who know what his personality in 8 to 9 months will be. Right now he is a sweet ball of floof and loves affection both giving and receiving and his activity level is a 1 out of 10.

If after reading this and you think Tofu would be a good addition to your family, please click on the link below.

Adoption Application | mustluvboxersrescue

You can comment here, PM me through Facebook or send an email through the website if you have specific questions about Tofu. Please share with family and friends if you think this love machine would be a great fit for them. My <800 sq ft home is much too small for this beast. There must be a loving home out there somewhere. Is it you?

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  1. Hi, checking in to see if Tofu is still available. We just applied for adoption, and found your blog post after. We currently have a Pyrenees mix who shares many of the same traits, so Tofu sounds like a welcome addition to the family.

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