What is Your Dog Actually Saying

Fluent Pet - What is Your Dog Actually Saying

What if your dog could actually tell you what they wanted instead of barking, barking, and barking? They CAN!

The company Fluent Pet has designed buttons your dog can use to communicate like a human toddler can right before they develop verbal language. A toddler has wants and can easily express them through sign language before ever developing verbal language. By using Fluent Pet, you can prerecord your voice with the word or command on each button. You can teach your dog to push the buttons to communicate their wants, needs, and feelings. This can not only reduce frustration between you and your dog, but it can help your dog communicate their need for help or if they are not feeling well.

Here is a video of Bunny, the poster child for Fluent Pet. She has many, many buttons and knows them all. You can watch a lot more of Bunny’s videos on YouTube. It is fascinating!

Bunny the Talking Dog

I was introduced to Fluent Pet by my student, now friend Elissa. She started Ollie, her boxer, on Fluent Pet talking buttons and he has done some really great things with it. You can follow him on Instagram at @OLLIEB3144.  He has lots of great videos and is simply cute to look at.

Watch as Elissa and I have a chat and go into more detail about Fluent Pet. Have a look.


Here is the book mentioned by Elissa on how this whole thing got started. I have started the book and am enjoying it as I wait in anticipation for my buttons to arrive in the mail for Annika.

How Stella Learned to Talk: The Groundbreaking Story of the World's First Talking Dog: Hunger, Christina: 9780063046849: Amazon.com: Books

If you are interested in starting the buttons, you can order them here:  https://clvr.pt/ollieb

Aren’t dogs the coolest?  They can do so much more than we ever thought!

Let me know what you think and never hesitate to ask questions.

~ Stephanie

Stephanie Nilles - Dog Trainer in Spokane


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