Fishin’ and First Aid

Dog Fishing & First Aid

I decided to actually tear myself away from dog training and the biz and go with a friend fishin’ on one of my days “off”.  I was actually goin’ readin’, but my friend was fishin’. I don’t fish.  I just can’t look the worm and fish in the eye after violating them.  So I packed up my Kindle, snacks (gotta have snacks!), and Eli as we both decided to bring our pups so they could play while we sat lakeside.  We piled in the vehicle and off we went down the dirt road!  Four happy souls getting away from everything! Ahhhhhhh.  We got all set up; fishin’ and worms over here, my readin’ and snacks over there. The pups were having a BALL smelling and peeing on everything.  Pure bliss!

Eli finally noticed a wiggly something on a string came out of the water and thought that was the bees-knees.  He stayed in the water right in front of us going splashing back and forth waiting for a fish to finally bite.  What was that rule about being quiet and not disturbing the water while fishing? Think twice before bring Eli and I along.  Eli was so excited fish after fish, but slightly confused as to why he wasn’t allowed to play with them. After a while we were kicked back, completely in the moment when my friend noticed Eli, who was watching the water had his front paw lifted and it looked as if it was bleeding.  Sure enough, somehow he had cut the pad of his foot and it was bleeding quite a bit.


I asked my friend if there were towels in the vehicle. Nope.  Paper towels? Nope.  Damn it!  We rinsed Eli’s paw off with bottled water and got him to the car.  My friend pulled out a sock to put on his paw for the ride home.  That will have to do.  UGH! All fishin’ and readin’ gear was thrown in the truck and we whizzed down the dirt road back to base.  Once at the house we disinfected and wrapped up his paw which kept reopening and bleeding, bleeding and bleeding. Into the crate he went for the evening. I kicked myself for not having a first aid kit in the vehicle.  Then, realized I don’t even own a first aid kit.  The first thing the next day, I was going to put together a puppy first aid kit.  I went shopping and threw gauze, bandages, clotting agents, hydrogen peroxide and, and, and. . . . . “boy this is going to be expensive,” I thought.  Right there in the isle I checked Amazon for a pup first aid kit. Surely someone has put this together.  Yep and yep!  Even better, someone thought to make a “Me and My Pup First Aid Kit”! WHAT!?!?!? One case with everything for both Eli and myself!


Get in my cart!! Everything in the basket I was holding went back on the shelves and off I went!  Now Eli and I are prepared for our next adventure! I guess it takes a moment like this to bring to light the importance of the little things like a first aid kit.  Let me be the example.  Here is the one I got, but there are so many to choose from.  It is called “Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series Me & My Dog Canine First Aid Kit” on Amazon. Here is the link:

Dog Canine Medical Kit

I am certain you could make one yourself and penny pinch if you wanted to take the time. I didn’t.  Now of course NOTHING will ever happen again because I now have this! Murphy’s Law!

I am ok with that.


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