Dog or Playstation

Dog or PlayStation?

“The art of training a dog owner. Dog owner tells me: Hi, my dog pulls on the leash and runs into the woods after deer if I let it off leash. Me: Okay. What’s the breed? Owner: A Siberian Husky mixed with a coon hound. Me: Okay, so you have a musher mixed with a …

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Congrats What's Next - New Dog Owner

Congrats! What’s Next?

Adopting a dog is outstanding!  It is like Christmas morning when you go to finally sign papers and bring your baby home.  If it is an actual baby, you will be in the headspace to think all things puppy from puppy proofing, closing doors so the puppy can’t pee in every room, provide understanding when …

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Proactive vs Reactive Dog

Top 3 Tips for a Reactive Dog

First, do you even have a reactive dog?  The definition of a reactive dog is one who barks, lunges and/or growls while on leash.  Sound familiar?  Keep reading to find out three very helpful tips to help you and your dog have more peaceful walks. #1:  Lose the Opportunity Think of your dog’s behavior as …

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Dog - Be careful with berries

Be Berry, Berry Careful

As Warren and I were taking a break from clearing brush on the property, we stopped and looked at the bright red berries all over this vine or bush or whatever it was.  It was hard to tell because the greenery was so dense. The berries were so vibrant and eye-catching.  It was very pretty, …

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Dog Fishing & First Aid

Fishin’ and First Aid

I decided to actually tear myself away from dog training and the biz and go with a friend fishin’ on one of my days “off”.  I was actually goin’ readin’, but my friend was fishin’. I don’t fish.  I just can’t look the worm and fish in the eye after violating them.  So I packed …

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Train Your Dog

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