5 Facts About Me Confirmed By My Dog

Stephanie Nilles Dog Facts

Stephanie Nilles 3 years oldAt 3 years old I wasn’t averse to dog hair and dirt. I was a Tomboy through and through. Some things never change. I grew up to gain experiences and tendencies like we all do that shape us into who we are today.

Here are four useless facts about me and one that may strike a chord. I will let you choose which is which, but I promise all are true. Here we go!

1. If you see me singing in my car, it’s probably to Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac, my favorite singer/band ever. Country music makes me leave a room. Sorry, country fans.

2. From my earliest days on this earth, I have been critical of myself and, years later, not much has changed.  My internal radio seems stuck on the “You Could Do Better” station. Not even Stevie can drown out that negative chitter chatter.   Thank goodness nobody hears the conversations in my head.  I am sure you would say the same.

Certainly, having this push to be better has made me work harder and accomplish a lot.  For instance, I started a successful business on my own, ran a marathon, and survived a divorce.  Yassss Queen, I did that!  So 1 point for the nasty little voice and what she can sometimes help me accomplish.  Sadly, it has also been my critical voice that down plays those accomplishments and snidely comments “It could have been better.”  Hello depression!  Hello anxiety!  Minus 2 points.

I never want others to be so hard on themselves.   If someone can’t shut down their own little critic, I want to cheer them on during the hard times and shine a light on the inches, feet or miles they have come.  If you have ever been to my classes, you would know I always ask students to identify one GOOD thing they or their dog did in class.  This is easy when your dog is spot on for the hour.  It is not so easy when it was an “off” night.  However, SOMETHING went well!  If we choose to hunt for the good things, the easier they are to find.  Maybe, just maybe after a long, hard day you too can look for one good thing you did today.  Even if it is surviving the day. That alone deserves your acknowledgment and maybe a “I’m a badass!”  Positive cheerleader voice. . . 1 point!

3. The singing of crickets make me so relaxed I can fall right to sleep. Cicadas are like nails on a chalkboard.

4. When I am not teaching, I like to create. I am not creative, but I like to create. I dabble in woodworking, photography, crocheting and whatever else suits my fancy in the moment.  I am not an expert at any of them, but I like creating something useful like a platform to use in dog training from a pile of wood that was once just sitting there doing nothing.  Or take fabric and suitcase and viola, it’s a dog photoshoot backdrop. A ball of yarn becomes a coat for my pig. Additionally, I like having the ability to figure it out. I needed a dog sized ladder. So, I figured it out and made one.   We all have it in us and we all have access to YouTube.  You also probably know of someone who has done it or knows of someone who has. Ask.  Create.  Empower yourself.  Also, remember nothing will turn out perfect. What is perfect anyway. It just needs to be good enough for who it is for.  Then go up to number 1 and remember to acknowledge your effort, your willingness, your accomplishment. . . .something good!  Positive cheerleader voice . . . 1 point.

Stephanie Woodworking

5. I am terrified of alligators/crocodiles. Although not prevalent in Washington State, Florida is still too close for me.  My boyfriend had a skull of one sitting on the counter . . . it had to go.  It also had to be put in a place I wouldn’t see it again. Have I ever had a bad encounter with one? Nope. Is this rational? Nope. But all I can say is, icky, icky, ICKY!   This is a photo of the actual skull my boyfriend has.  I asked he take a photo of it and then promptly return it back to the place where I will never, ever, EVER see it.

Remember, you are perfectly imperfect YOU! There is no other like you.   You are interesting in your likes and dislikes and everyone struggles.  EVERYONE!  Don’t for one minute hide the real you.  You just might help someone someday simply by authentically showing up and not apologizing.  If you need anyone to confirm this, just look down at your dog.  Dogs will always tell you the real story about your awesomeness.  Believe them!


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