There is no shortage of evidence of the mental and physical harm caused by outdated and aversive training methods still used by many dog trainers today. It is hard to know who to trust and your dog is depending on you to make the right choice.  I am proud to be one of the few positive trainers in our area. This means I use no adverse tools or methods to get results from your beloved pet. I have a master’s degree in teaching (humans) and taught kindergarten prior to my career change to training dogs. Remarkably, dogs and humans learn in similar ways—both need positive reinforcement and neither will do well with yelling, scaring, physical prodding, or shocking. My training is comprised of research based methods, effective communication, practice and patience. Most importantly, all my training methods will help establish, grow, and maintain a Pawsitive Connection between you and your dog.



It’s not about PERFECTION, it’s about PROGRESS.  We make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

Each dog is unique.  Some are motivated by food or toys, while others respond to neither.  I will dig in my tool box and find positive alternatives that work for you and your dog.



My approach is based on my love of dogs.

A strong understanding of how dogs learn, a little positive reinforcement, and a whole lotta love—it all goes a long way to develop a trusting relationship.



Dogs, like humans, need to repetitively practice their skills to build strong, reliable behaviors.

It’s not about how much time you spend practicing. It’s repetition that makes progress!



Achieving clear, concise and consistent communication between you and your pet moves the training process along quickly.

Learn how to connect the vocabulary you use with the behavior you’re seeking!



Keeping activities engaging and upbeat captures your dog’s attention, avoids boredom, and maintains enthusiasm for learning.

End each training session on a positive note.  This will affirm your dog’s success and you’ll both be motivated to continue working and playing together!