Meet and Greet


The Meet and Greet consultation allows us to meet one another and for me to meet your pup!  Consultations last between 30 minutes to one hour.  This is a time for you to discuss training goals you want to reach and questions/concerns you might have. During this time I will also observe and diagnose the underlying factors for a particular behavior. With this information, we will discuss a precise plan of action to help you meet your goals.  Before I leave, I will give you some starter tips to implement immediately to help you get off on the right paw.  Don’t waste another moment! Call me today and set up a FREE Meet and Greet!  (509) 202-0587 or

Private Training Sessions


Each private session is scheduled after a FREE Meet and Greet. Sessions start promptly at the time we agree upon and last up to one hour.  A private session is exactly that, PRIVATE!  You get 100% of my undivided attention and expertise!  We focus solely on the training needs of you and your dog. By working together in a private setting, we are able to move as slowly or as quickly as needed.  If you need more time to work on a skill, we will make allowances. If you and your pup are reaching every benchmark in record time— ONWARD! No need to worry about taking notes—You will receive an overview of our session and a personalized tip sheet to help support your training between sessions. As issues come up, I am available to help offer support until our next meeting. Schedule your FREE Meet and Greet TODAY! Let’s get started!  (509) 202-0587

Commitment Package


The Commitment Package is a way for me to reward your investment toward your dog’s training! This package includes ONE FREE MEET AND GREET and SIX PRIVATE SESSIONS!! That’s right, SIX! During the Meet and Greet we will develop measurable goals. From there, we will start training and add on new skills each week as you and your dog progress. This package allows for much flexibility and time to create a solid educational foundation. After each lesson, you will be provided with an overview containing helpful tips and reminders to keep you going until our next session. This eliminates the hassle of taking notes and allows you to focus on your learning and training during our time together. Additionally, you are always welcome to reach out via phone or email to gain added support between sessions. We work as a team and I will be there coaching, supporting, and cheering you on until you reach your goals!!


1 mo = $159 :: 2 mo = $285 :: 4 mo = $512 :: 6 mo= $720

Levels Training is my most flexible group training program. If you have a busy, changing weekly schedule, you can still train your dog! Multiple sessions are available each week during the period you are enrolled (1, 2, 4,or 6 months).  Purchase a Levels membership and drop in at your convenience and according to your training goals. Some of our students come as often as three times a week!  Advance through all four levels at your own pace. Keep moving forward or drop in a class at a lower level to brush up on skills. The choice and flexibility are yours!


5 Weeks – $135

Want confidence that your dog will recall at a moment’s notice? Want to keep your dog safe from running after something she shouldn’t? Want your dog to come to you when it’s time to leave the dog park? Want to bet someone dollars to donuts that your dog will come when called—even in the presence of distractions? Want to hear about when my Weimaraner Mina jumped out of the car and ran through the grocery store? THIS class is for you! Reliable Recall cannot only save you from embarrassing moments…it could literally save your dog’s life!


5 Weeks – $165

Do you worry about encountering other dogs while out on a walk with your pup? Does your dog bark, lunge and/or growl at other dogs? Kids? Men in hats? Umbrellas?  It’s Reactive Rover to the rescue! In this class, you’ll learn what sparks these reactions and how to help your dog associate such triggers with good things instead. Using force-free methods, we’ll work on various skills including mat work, settling, turn and go, look at that, find it, hand targeting and leave it. With these tools in your pocket, you AND your dog will enjoy your outdoor adventures so much more! Stop fretting about unwanted behaviors and walk with confidence again! Sign up today!


6 Week Hybrid Class – $149

So you’re getting a puppy?! Or, you’re like most of us and you already brought one home…because…well…who can resist?? First, congratulations! Second, let’s get you ready for the “Three Awesomes”: Awesome Joy, Awesome Fun, and Awesome Responsibility. Whether you are a seasoned dog owner or this is your first pup, my Puppy Prep class is designed to get get you started on (or reminded of!) the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you will need for a successful lifetime commitment to this new furry family member. This is a hybrid class, meaning part virtual (watch my videos and practice on your own time schedule) and part “in-person”—with me as your trainer and others who are also experiencing the joys of puppyhood. There are eight lessons in this class (Yes! Homework too!) and four “in-person” sessions where we will practice, monitor progress, problem solve, and play! Sign up for this Puppy Prep class and lay the groundwork for that crucial Pawsitive Connection with your puppy. You will both be glad you did.


5 Weeks – $140

If your dog has a nose and can move, then he’s prepared for this fun, active class! We’ll focus on using your dog’s natural instincts and abilities to find hidden items. Nose work games are not only fun, they also develop confidence, provide focus, and stimulate your pup both mentally and physically in a safe, controlled environment. We will start in the classroom with boxes and expand to doing searches outside and on vehicles. Come be fascinated watching your pup do what he/she does best! It’s impossible to get through this class without cheering for each participant—Join us!