Success Stories From the Spokane Humane Society


Elsa had been at the shelter for one year. She was a favorite amongst the staff, but was not meant for rescue and seemed to be quite dog aggressive. She also seemed to not be friendly towards men which made her chances of being adopted even more slim. What to do with Elsa?

Elsa came to the PC Academy and flourished! She was not the least bit dog reactive, but stressed from shelter life. She got along with big and small dogs, male and females. It made no difference to her one bit. She was just as friendly as could be! After a few weeks she was tested by ten different men on different days. Even a former foster who had problems with her and had to return her to the shelter because of it came to take her for a walk and could not believe the difference. This little girl made a 180 degree turn! She was just a delight! Her last test was to be around a group of strangers at a BBQ. She greeted everyone with a wagging tail and asked to be pet by anyone who would indulge. She earned an A+ and was ready to be adopted.

Now she lives with her mom and dog brother in Idaho. She is spoiled ROTTEN and sleeps on the bed each and every night. He momma just adores her! I have to admit, I kick myself for not keeping her myself. She was an amazing pup and most definitely left a paw print on my heart.




Jax had been adopted several times and returned all within a short period. His looks got him adopted and his behavior got him sent back. He was also a staff favorite and to this day still asked about. He was a young pup who had terrible manners and was thought to be dog reactive.

Stress seemed to be the culprit for his “dog reactivity”. Although he was over stimulated on leash he was very much dog FRIENDLY! He played and played at the PC Academy! He learned a lot of skills to help him better able to stay in a home. He got interest all the way from Canada when he was put up for adoption. Travis came by a day or so later, met Jax and fell in love.

The Canadians were coming to see him so Travis could not adopt him. He came a few times to take him on walks and fell more in love with him each time. Finally, the Canadians came and Travis waited eagerly by the phone to see if they liked him or not. Turns out, he was not what they were looking for and Travis go the news! Jax was his! Jax is doing very well in the home and Travis is working on his leash reactivity. Travis loves him to pieces and spoils him just a little. . . .ok he is spoiled a LOT!




Rowdy was student #2.  This boy had a terrible habit of biting at the leash whether your hand was in the way or not. He could chew through that leash in a few seconds flat!  When taking Rowdy for a walk, he also had the tendency to lay down in the middle of the road not wanting to move a muscle.  It didn’t matter if traffic was coming or not, he simply would NOT get up!

Off to the PC Academy he went!  Rowdy got along with all the other dogs famously!  He was so playful and goofy!  He got over his leash biting and playing dead after only a few walks. It turns out he was quite stressed in the shelter and simply getting him out and relaxed was what he needed.

He learned a few manners such as waiting at the door, waiting politely for his food as well as loose leash walking during his stay.  He was cute as a button and his personality was infectious! He got noticed right away from one of the vet techs at my vet’s office.  She called and came with her boyfriend who had been looking for a dog.  It was a MATCH!  Clearly Rowdy is not spoiled one bit!  These two have bonded and Rowdy remains to have good manners in the house.  This is one very happy ending!




Enzo was the first dog to join the PC Academy. When I met Enzo, he was not able to be on the adoption floor because he had bad manners behind the gate and he was also not suitable to go into rescue as he seemed dog aggression and had “stranger danger”. The Humane Society had nowhere else to turn, but they saw something special in this boy and they were right!

He came to live with me and go to school so he could one day be adoptable. He turned out to love other dogs and he learned how to be polite to people entering the home. Nobody who knew him before could believe his transformation!

After a few weeks, Enzo was ready to be up for adoption. Within five minutes of posting his adoption video, we received a call! It turned out to be his FOREVER family! That day, Enzo gained a mom and dad and two little boys to watch over. They continued Enzo’s training and he is thriving in his home. They adore him and he will be loved until the end of his days.