Does your pup suffer from any of these? 

  • Firework Anxiety?
  • Sound Sensitivity?
  • Vacuum Anxiety?
  • Separation Anxiety?
  • Dog-Dog Aggression?
  • Leash Aggression?
  • Doorbell Reactivity?
  • Bicycle Aggression?
  • Possessive Aggression?
  • Fear of People?
  • Barrier Aggression?
  • Chronic Barking?

If you have witnessed any of these behaviors in your dog, you know how alarming and frustrating they are. The good news is you don’t have to live like that! ALL of these behaviors have positive training solutions. Make life better for you AND your dog (and maybe your neighbors!) with immediate intervention.

It is important to identify root causes and underlying issues associated with your dog’s behavior—as well as the severity of the distress.  This is not always easy for dog parents! What looks and sounds like “aggression” may, in fact, be appropriate play! A chewed up couch could be severe separation anxiety or maybe it’s a simple case of boredom. Above all, you and your dog deserve a stress free and safe home!


Once the behavior is correctly diagnosed, I will show you how to implement a training protocol based on the best scientific evidence available to help relieve your pup from the stress.  This is a PROCESS and like any process, it takes time, patience and support.  Using this training protocol, we will be creating new neuro pathways in your dog’s brain. That’s right! We are actually changing your dog’s brain!  As the neuropsychology profession says, “What fires together, wires together.” —and it’s true for dogs too!  Our goal is to reframe the way your dog responds to any provoking stimulus.  As your dog’s brain changes, it will DECREASE production of stress hormones (like epinephrine and norepinephrine Yikes!) and INCREASE your dog’s ability to perform calming coping mechanisms. I have used this scientifically based method on many dogs with great success!

Check out my Reactive Rover class for behavior modification training. You might also like The Nose Knows class— a great outlet for fearful, anxious, or aggressive  pups! If you need immediate intervention to address these behaviors—Call me! Let’s talk!