I grew up in Chewelah, so technically I’m a local girl—but I’ve been around the world a bit. I have run a marathon in Germany and eaten a hot dog in Iceland! (Not on the same day—but hmmm…I could be up for that challenge!) There must be a bossy side to my personality—All of my career choices have involved telling others what to do (kindergarten teacher, personal trainer, and now dogs and their people).  My own four dogs are the loves of my life: Mina, my beautiful Weimaraner, Winston, my handsome English Bulldog, Bam, my energetic Boxer, and Eli, my intelligent Pibble. Like dogs, I’m all about the treats! My favorite candy is Nerds and I love gourmet cheese and meat sampler trays. At the movies I always put the garlic flavoring on half my popcorn and ranch on the other. Unlike dogs (who strangely don’t seem to care), the foods on my plate are not allowed to touch each other, because everyone knows that’s just gross. When I’m not training dogs, I snowboard and practice meditation, hoping one day I will be good at both of them. Now that you know all the important stuff about me…Let’s TRAIN!