Spokane Dog Training Expert

Positive reinforcement specialist

Welcome to Pawsitive Connection Dog Training! My training is comprised of research based methods, effective communication, practice and patience. Most importantly, all my training methods will help establish, grow, and maintain a Pawsitive Connection between you and your dog.

We do this with dedication, love, patience, communication and affirmation

Spokane dog trainer

Why use positive training over aggressive and physical punishment on dogs?

There are many studies that have been done that show dogs that are trained with confrontational training methods will continue to be aggressive unless the training techniques are changed. View some of the studies about positive reinforcement and the negative effects of adverse dog training methods at Applied Animal Behaviour Science or the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. Aside from the scientific proof that positive training works better for dogs, we also simply love dogs and would never want to hurt or demean them.  If you are looking for dog training in Spokane that will bring you and your pet closer, schedule a class with us today!

What dog owners say about our training:

  • When I rescued Addy an American Staffordshire Terrier, I was afraid she would bite people. She was even worse with dogs. I always was nervous when friends would come to visit us or I need to take Addy to vet. Thank God, I found Stephanie- the dog whisper! (more…)

    Rima, Addy and Minnow
  • After years of well-behaved dogs in my home, I never thought I wouldn’t be able to control or train a new dog. And then Lace, a very intelligent, strong-willed Pitbull-Heeler puppy joined my family. Oh, how she humbled me. After 6 months of struggle and a definite losing battle, I surrendered and began my search for help. I wanted my quiet home back…I wanted to be able to invite people into my home once again! (more…)

  • I can’t say enough about Stephanie Hodges.  She has been a life saver for us.  We have a 20 month old Weimaraner named Zeva, who was reactive to strangers and other dogs.  I done obedience training with her at around 13 months old, but Zeva needed something a little extra.   I met Stephanie during obedience training and found out she also had a weimaraner, so she understood the energy level that Zeva had and the temperament.  (more…)

    Donna Crowe